(Ir)Rational Thought

I climbed into the car trying to balance a bag with two burritos and my wallet in one hand, a tray of jojos and cup of ranch in the other. My friend reaching to grab a handful of potato wedges before my ass hit the seat.  I sat down, tucked my wallet between my legs, set the bag with the burritos on the floor board and balanced the wedges on my leg.

“I am waiting for ranch…” my friend said, sounding annoyed. “ I am trying to figure out how to make this accessible to both of us without spilling it all over myself,” I answered. “Give me just a minute.” Finally I decided holding the ranch was the best option.

I offered her some ranch and she dipped the potato in. She took about half of the jojo into her mouth then tried to dip it back into the ranch.  I pulled the ranch back toward me. “Don’t double dip. Just use the other end of the potato.” “Oh fuck you!” she screamed.  Confused that my request elicited such a response I said, “I don’t like that.  I just asked you dip the other end in the ranch.”

“Fuck you, I don’t want anymore. I am mad, she said shoving the remainder of the potato in her mouth. “I bought them to share. I just don’t want you to double dip. I don’t like that.” I said growing increasingly confused by her response to the situation.  “Your reaction to my asking you not to stick something in your mouth then back in sauce we are sharing is ridiculous. You are being silly.” “I don’t want any of your stupid greasy food.  You eat it and get fat,” she announced.

I moved the ranch away from her and put the potatoes in the bag with the burritos.  I didn’t say anything else to her on the ride home.  I have been dealing with this for about ten months now.  It reminded me of every conversation I ever had with my father.

That is a crazy irrational response to request isn’t it?

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  1. It’s fucking stupid and obnoxious for her to respond that way. Hillbilly. Just because a person doesn’t understand something, doesn’t mean it’s stupid. Besides, you don’t know where her mouth has been earlier, perhaps it was on a dick and you don’t want to share that, right!?

    • It is true I don’t want any post felacio cooties and I dare say if she knew where my mouth had been she’d be happy I stopped her. The dig about getting fat bothered me. I workout probably two hours a day and I believe she views that as excessive. I work hard to maintain my body but I am currently nursing an injured knee and a strained neck so I have been forced to take it easy. I have been struggling with that for several reasons. Her wish that I’d get fat was just mean and meant to really hurt me. FYI: Everyone where I live are hillbillies and farmers. I live in the middle of nowhere. Hillbillies are a daily reality for me.

      • Same here. 5 years ago I moved to this shithole (Groningen) for, well, let’s just say it was necessary to prevent shit from hitting the fan.

        And here it’s hillbilly paradise! FUCK!

        But, I have sorted out the shitstorm so in August I’m moving my family back to the civilized world: AMSTERDAM!

        I can’t wait to get back!

        And don’t worry about getting fat or anything, if your body is used to working out it won’t just turn around in one day. Your body will still be burning fat, even if you don’t work-out.

        I believe it takes 6 weeks – 3 months for your body to get used to another lifestyle (in your case -> taking it easy)

      • I knothat it is back to the city for w my body won’t just go all to hell. I actually workout to clear my mind a lot too. It helps me mentally as well as physically. Right now I am just sore and stiff and under attack emotionally. It isn’t a good combination. I am hoping to move soon as well. I will be moving to another slightly larger hillbilly town to work on a degree in webdesign. (It is cheaper to stay here until it is finished.) After that it is back to the city for me too. The novelty of the simple country life is wearing off now.

      • Yeah, novelty, my ass… That’s what I was hoping for here too. Haha.

        I don’t know how it is over here, but here the people are so JUDGMENTAL! Not open-minded at all!

        Here’s like two different kind of people, the extremely wealthy people with high educations, who behave like they’re the queen of England, and seriously, totally retarded, anti-social hillbillies, who don’t speak proper Dutch and look like fucking, well, inbreed.

        Both groups have one thing in common: they cannot accept you if you aren’t one of them. You’re either rich, or a retard. If you’re a person with an average wallet and average looks, you don’t fit in and everyone spits on you.

        It makes me want to scream sometimes.

      • I often say I feel like I stepped back in time. The mentality here is so antiquated. There rich farmers and the shallow end of the gene pool. The IQs don’t vary much. It is an uber conservative primatively aggressive area of the world. I am not a fighter and I am not conservative.

        The other day I was in the library and a man in his 70s who has crush on me came in and asked if I thought I would ever get married again. I informed him that I had never been married. “But you have a son,” he responded. He was genuinely confused. “Children can be concived without a husband,” I assured him. “It isn’t the 1950s.” I just went back to what I was doing. He stared at me for a few minutes then got up and walked out without saying a word. I’ll be the town whore by Sunday.

        I hate people who are offended/judgemental about things they can’t or don’t want to begin to grasp. I feel your pain. It is difficult to deal with and I don’t care enough about any of them to promote understanding. If they’d have seen my life two years ago they’d have stoned me to death by now.

  2. I’d say the exact same. I think it rude and uncouth to eat that way, put that in the bucket with chewing with your mouth open and licking your fingers. Your friend’s being a jerk.

    • It was just mean. Unfortunately I am staying on their property and have to (I am trying to save money and find a place) tolerate it for now. I feel like I am being attacked on a pretty personal level. I love emotional abuse. It is only temporary. I was just bothered by the whole incident. It was so irrational and over the top.

  3. I agree with you, she was a complete freakazoid — unless she’s someone who sticks her tongue in your mouth regularly… ;)

    • Right!?!?!? I have been dealing with this level of overreaction for a while. I just had to vent because her attacks are getting increasingly more personal.

  4. Talk about a serious overreaction! I personally don’t mind (if I’m close enough with the person) if someone double dips, but I understand when people don’t like it.

    • If it were someone I was dating… If we were already exchanging body fluids it would be one thing but any other time I hate it. I even bitch at my kid for doing it. And the more I tried to rationalize it the more personal her attack became. I guess I am not good at arguing with crazy people. Maybe I should work on that.

  5. I seriously wouldn’t be friends with this person. I would never interact, talk, buy food that we could share, so anything with this person EVER. She not only overreacted, she was was just being mean by calling you fat (especially at a time when you haven’t been working out as much, she obviously knows it’s important to you and you did a lot of work to get to where you are today).
    And you didn’t have the best relationships with your father, right? And she reminds you of him…If you can’t eliminate her from your life, then you should avoid her and keep things diplomatic until you can. It is not worth it, she is toxic to you.

    • I totally agree and I avoid her whenever possible. That day was kind of necessary and it was fun until just that moment. My father was incredibly abusive and she is too. I am 5’9″ and weigh a 148lbs. She is 5′ and at least five pounds heavier. I think part of it stems from that too. Who knows? I just avoid interactions with her at all costs. I have been working out like crazy trying to keep my sanity and break the wall I’ve hit with my weight. (I gained ten pounds when I went off my meds. I’ve managed to lose about four pounds and as my mood improves I have started feeling better and more focused on getting back on track with everything… the blog, my healthy lifestyle and a better routine.

  6. Whoa. Talk about an over-reaction on her part! I agree with the other people commenting here. You are right to avoid her as much as possible from now on. If she was just having a bad day, one could forgive a slip, but it sounds like it’s getting more and more common over time. So…yeah. Avoidance=good.

    • It was pretty intense. Sitting in a car alone with someone who seems hell bent on trying to provoke/hurt you is never fun.


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