A Rant: I Fought the Ground…

In the past week I have bruised my left knee. (A stupid armchair jumped out in front of me while I was drinking on my birthday.) I twisted the same knee running two days later. To compensate for the inability to run, I started doing more strenuous toning work. I pulled a muscle in my neck. Today I lost my footing in a strangers drive way and scraped the shit out of my other knee. It is catching when I bend it.

I haven’t been this clumsy or sore since I was about ten. I frustrated and just angry at everything (gravity in particular). Thank the stars my doctor’s appointment is tomorrow. Now we’ll have way more to discuss than my emotional imbalance.

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  1. I hope this is just a minor glitch in life and not something that lingers, can’t have you down for long, the world is just not the same without your mind in motion!!! :D

  2. Take a day off and reflect on YOU. Are you doing what makes you happy?

    • I plan on doing this tomorrow. I’ve been trying to reflect all weekend but things have come up. Tomorrow I have a conference call from my college advisor. I’ll post about everything soon.

  3. Maybe you’re in the middle of a growth spurt ;)

    • Maybe width wise, lol. Probably has something to do with the next fun tran sition in a woman’s life and that I dread.

  4. This happens to me all the time..especially when I’m getting tired. I have big hands and big feet that my mom said I’d grow into.. I did not!


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