Rumor Has It

I started this rumor a year or so ago that I would be writing a book.  I then found out I lacked the motivation to write a book most because I’ve found it hard to choose a topic and I am worried that if I go with something it might just suck. So much for my unfaltering ego, huh?

This past week, I was contacted by a literary agency in New York.  They were curious if I had a manuscript and if I didn’t have one was I planning to write one as they were very interested in representing me.  The agent who contacted me had been reading my blog and thought there was a very high chance I could be published should I write a non-fiction book.

This is all very exciting but it brings me back to all the same things that have been freaking me out about writing one.  I don’t want to write anything that won’t work.  I have been thinking about it a great deal and I know that if this doesn’t motivate me to do it I will never get one written.  The whole week still seems like a dream to me.

I really want to know what you all think. I am leaning toward a memoir covering the past (and most adventurous) years of my life.  What would you like to see me do?


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  1. Write that book ! !

    • If I did would you read it? I guess that is what I really want to know. My existing reader’s support will be important.

      • ‘Course I would. I’m planning to buy Kindle . But it would be great if you could have it published in regular book form . It’s rare that I get to know an author, ha ha ha. I’ll buy your book, and have you sign it, lol.

      • I would absolutely sign it.

  2. Congratulations that’s exciting stuff! I haven’t been following this blog long enough to offer any suggestions but good luck with whatever you decide.

  3. I love memoirs. I say do it. :)

    • They had two very different ideas about books I could write. I will write both but I am still trying to determine the order.

  4. I think a memoir would be awesome because that’s where all your stories stem from, your life.

    • Both books I plan to write would be memoirs of sorts, one would be based off of my blog and the other would be about dating.

  5. If only it was that easy for all of us authors looking to get our works published.

  6. Congrats!
    I think you should write whatever makes you excited and keeps you excited about the book. It makes it easier for you to stick with it! And it will probably come out better too.

    • Whatever I write will be amazing. ;P I am not really worried about that. I have a couple of amazing editors. I just have to set a schedule so my limited available time gets used productively. I just started a web design degree program. My hours at work have increased and now I am writing a book. It makes me tired just thinking about it but it is also very exciting.

  7. It’s already written. Just pluck one essay at a time from this blog ’til you got over eight. Congratulations, Ms. Author!


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