Tag (I’m Not It)

Imagine my surprise when I checked my comments and found Daan Van Den Bergh had tagged me in a fun little game going around the blogosphere.  It is no secret that I love these games and I am happy to participate (and annoy many of you by tagging you as well.

So, let’s get to it!

1. Post these rules.

2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.


  • I am not overly fond of children.  I don’t hate kids.  All in all they are cute little buggers but spending extended periods of time with them… they lose their charm.
  • I am currently, as I write this, babysitting my oldest friend’s twenty month old daughter. She is teething and has a hellacious cold.  She sleeps for five minutes at a time and is exhausted.  Poor baby girl.
  • All I keep thinking is that if I get a cold I am going to be super pissed.
  • I hate when people come to work sick.  If you are ill stay home and get better.  It sucks you are losing money but that doesn’t give you a reason to go infect everyone else you work with.
  • Yesterday at work a patron (who threw a folded up piece of paper with his number on it on my desk when he left) asked me if I knew the girl who worked on Monday.  I worked on Monday.  He didn’t believe it was me.
  • I don’t think I look that different with my hair down.
  • I had another patron ask me what days I would be working at my new branch.  When I told him he assured me he would be there every day.  This did not thrill me.
  • I helped a guy that very much reminded me of a Pretty Boy tie his tie.
  • If he wasn’t attractive I wouldn’t have done it.
  • I don’t do things I don’t want to do even when it is probably in my best interest.
  • I got spit on (not intentionally) by a patron at the library.  I will write a post about it soon.

3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.

Daan’s questions:

Why do you think tag games like this exist? Because while some of us enjoy them, it annoys most people.  I can appreciate that.

Do you think they’re fun? All in all I love answering questions. I like interviews so yes I think they are fun.

Do you hate me for tagging you? It actually amuses the hell out of me.

Would you hate me if I would call you a vagina, twice a day, for the rest of your life? Nope. Not even a little.

Why not? Since I have a vagina… I am not offended by being called a vagina.

Are you sure? I am positive I have a vagina. I can offer references if you’d like.

So, do you enjoy being called a vagina? I can think of worse things you could call me.

Do you like Scooby Snacks? Are we talking about dog treats or… I am guessing I wouldn’t like them.

Would you like them, if I told you I liked them? Nope.

Are you capable of forming your own opinion about stuff? I actually think this may be why I don’t have too many friends.

Will you promise to ask the people you tag very annoying and random questions? I solemnly swear.

4. Create eleven new questions…

My questions:

If you could have any super power what would it be?

Dogs or Cats?

What is the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?

Beer or Wine?

What is one thing that makes a person undateable?

Bacon or Sausage?

What is the worst show on television?

Challenger or Mustang?

If you could be become a member of the opposite sex for one day, would you?


What would you do in your new body?

…and tag new people to answer them.



The Wandering Mind



Pasta for One

Viciously Sweet

Pink Ninjabi



Life of JWo (I am such a cheater)

5. Go to their blog/Twitter and let them know they’ve been tagged.


Have fun!

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  1. Ha! Hilarious!

    Thank you for respecting the rule of no tag backs. And, about the scooby snacks: yes, I was talking about Scooby Doo’s snacks.

    You did well, I am proud of you. :P

  2. Cool, And congrats for having gotten the opportunity of having been tagged. I’m also especially liking how your “I don’t think I look that different with my haIr down” and “I hate when people come to work sick” sound like they could be titles of songs or music albums, ha. Also i’m wondering if you got asked your eleven questions, what would be your answers?

  3. Ooooh, My name’s there, Yay ! Will do this soon, promise.

  4. You should get some VERY interesting answers for your last question. HAHA…

  5. Thank you for tagging me! I’ll have to think about continuing the game, I blog anonymously so no face pics anyway! ;)

  6. I liked your questions! I would be terrible with this game because I poke along with getting the blogs’ http’s correct. I know my daughter (age 27) still thinks our laptop is ‘jinxed’ but not sure… This was fun reading your responses!

  7. Thanks hot mama!!! Can’t wait to answer those last few questions.

  8. Glad to be tagged! Been a while since I visited you. Tweeting this now!

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