Answering My Own Questions

I was tagged for this little game by a blogger friend last week.  The rules were that you had to answer eleven questions the person who tagged you asked and then create eleven questions of my own. One of my readers then inquired “I’m wondering if you got asked your eleven questions, what would be your answers?” I decided it would be easy enough to oblige him.

My Eleven Questions:

If you could have any super power what would it be? I always said if I could have one super power I would want the ability to make people disappear.  I wouldn’t want people to die.  I would just want them to go away and I would also have the ability to bring them back when I was less annoyed or sad or whatever reason I had for making them disappear in the first place. Now I think I would rather have the ability to understand what people really want from me.  I always see why I think they need me but that doesn’t always work very well for me.

Dogs or Cats? Cats and FUCK YOU!!!!!

What is the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard? When I was in Reno I had a drunk guy walk up to me and ask me if I washed my pants in Windex. I said no and he said, “That’s funny because I can see myself in them.”  A close second was at a bar in Washington.  Every time I went up to the bar to order a drink a dude sitting on a stool would say something like, “I wish you would cut it out” or “Please stop. You’re killing me.” After my fourth trip to the counter he put his hand on my arm and said “You just have to knock that off.” “What am I doing exactly?” I asked pretty agitated.  “Stop being so beautiful.” I rolled my eyes but thanked him and sent my ex to get our drinks for the rest of the night.

Beer or Wine? Beer

What is one thing that makes a person undateable? I dislike when people make definitive statements about anything.  I think everyone should be confident in their expression but don’t assume everyone agrees with you. If you can’t own your opinion then I find that very unattractive.

Bacon or Sausage? Bacon for eating.

What is the worst show on television? I think there are so many horrible shows on television.  I don’t watch much t.v. but my friend watches a ton of reality shows. I don’t like those shows at all. I feel like they are destroying the art of scripted television.

Challenger or Mustang? I would love to have a Challenger, new or old.

If you could become a member of the opposite sex for one day, would you? I absolutely would not.

Why? I love having a vagina.  I love having sex with men. I love their bodies.  I am glad I am a girl and that I get to enjoy men the way I do. I also love getting to wear pretty flowery things.

What would you do in your new body? If I had no choice and just woke up male.  I would stay in and jack off.  What their orgasm feels like would be the only thing I was interested in.

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  1. In a word: awesome.

  2. Thank you for answering. I’m also particularly enjoying the possibility that
    those two words (along with the exclamation marks) after “Cats and” (over in your second answer) is like another kind of animal/pet and/or species; beast fierce cool :)


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